Welcome to the step by step guide for taking your first impressions.

Read Our Online Instruction Manual

Follow our video and instruction booklet (included in your kit) to make sure you get the perfect impression of your teeth. If you have any questions or would like assistance with the steps, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Preparation, Fitting And Supplies

  • Put your impression putty in the fridge for 1 hour prior to taking your impression
  • Clean your teeth thoroughly by brushing and flossing before starting
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before starting
  • Do not wear gloves while making an impression
  • Stand in front of a mirror or have a mirror handy
  • Test fit the empty impression tray in your mouth
  • Make sure your rear teeth are covered by the back of the tray and that your teeth do not touch the side walls
  • If the tray does not fit you snuggly, contact us at and we will send you the correct size

STEP 1 - Putty Mixing & Loading the Dental Impression

  • Place your putty in the fridge for 1 hour prior to taking your impression
  • Set your phone timer for 80 seconds
  • Remove the putty from the fried and mix the two putties together for 60 seconds, rapidly
  • The putty should be a solid colour, not marbled
  • Use the remaining 20 seconds to roll the putty into the shape of a slender cigar or hotdog, about 4“ to 5”
  • Place the putty into the impression tray and spread it evenly to the side walls of the tray

STEP 2 - Making Your Impression

  • Set your phone timer for 3 minutes
  • Fit the filled tray into your mouth, making sure it is centred
  • Use your fingers to press the tray evenly into your teeth applying even pressure throughout
  • Make sure your teeth are covered up to your gum line and lightly touch the bottom of the tray. Do not bite down
  • Use your thumbs to press the impression tray into your rear teeth
  • Do not move the tray once you have seated the tray over your teeth
  • Remove the tray with great care remove the dental tray and inspect the impression for any defects

STEP 3 - Repeat Step 1 To 3 For The Remaining 3 Impressions

  • Take the BRUXI-Expander from the kit and simply slip it into your mouth
  • Move your lips away from your teeth so that you can take the photos
  • Email your images to us at along with your BRUXIDENT ID Number
  • Please use your BRUXIDENT ID Number on the side of the impression kit in the subject of your email, so we can find you

impression taking

If your first teeth impression doesn’t go very well, simply contact us. We will ship out a new dental impression kit to you, free of charge*.

Refer to the common mistake examples below for additional help:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

what to avoid?

  • Attempting to take your dental impression before reading through all of the material and watching the video
  • Always read your Impression Kit Booklet and watch our instructional video
  • Taking too long to mix the dental putty can result in the putty becoming hard before you submerge all of your teeth. Remember to set a timer and watch your time! Mix quickly and thoroughly for 60 seconds
  • Roll the putty quickly into a hot dog or cigar shape and place it in the tray. With your finger, smooth out the areas as needed so you have a nice, equally distributed surface before submerging your teeth
  • Misjudging the tray position and hitting your teeth on the plastic wall (biting down too hard)
  • Here’s a great tip: practice taking the empty tray in and out of your mouth several times before actually taking your dental impression. Stand in front of a mirror and pretend that the tray is already filled with dental putty. Try to keep the tray as straight as possible. Place the tray in your mouth and then push the bottom of the tray upwards (in a uniform, even manner)
  • Do not move the tray once the teeth are submerged. This will result in a distorted dental impression, and thus, an ill-fitting night guard. Remember to submerge all of the teeth and stay still for the full 3 minutes before taking your teeth impression out. Even if you’re drooling all over – KEEP STILL!

What does a great dental impression look like?

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