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We provide night guards for bruxism to protect your teeth and improve your wellbeing. BRUXIDENT is an established, well renowned, family run and operated dental laboratory locally based in Perth, Western Australia.

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Our laboratory has been servicing our local general and specialised Dental Clinics, Prosthodontists, Periodontists and Oral Maxillo Specialists for over 10 years.

We’ve delivered thousands of perfectly fitted custom night guards, mouth guard dentures and other dental appliances to patients all around Perth.


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We understand the costs of dental treatments, especially when you have to pay for everything out of pocket. Unfortunately for those who suffer from teeth grinding, a custom night guard can be expensive and often not covered by insurance.

Affordable Products

At BRUXIDENT, we believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank to treat your teeth grinding. Even worse, you shouldn’t have to risk pain and long-term damage to your teeth just because a night guard is too expensive or doesn’t fit right the first time around.

Focus on customers

At BRUXIDENT, we believe that quality and service are the two most important things for our customers, and it shows. Many of the customers have received dental grade, night guards of the highest quality, at a fraction of the price by using our self-impression kit. We want to offer custom night guards at an accessible and affordable price throughout Perth.

Why choose BRUXIDENT

Our top-quality night guards are 100% Australian, dentist grade and custom-made.
Purchase yours today and receive:

Impression Kit & Digital Record​

Your kit with instructions to take your impression, including a digital record of your impression for future use and remakes and a protective case for your custom night guard

Top Customer Service & Live Chat Support

5-star customer service and 7- day money back guarantee, including phone assistance or live chat support to assist with your impression process, from beginning to end

Delivery to your door & Free adjustments

All-inclusive shipping, handling, contactless experience by email, phone, delivery service to your door and free adjustments to your night guard until you get the perfect fit

Our Lab Certification

frequently asked question

Taking your teeth impressions is quick and easy. We’ll send you everything you need in our impressions kit. It only takes 5 minutes.
If you need a second impression kit, we’ll send it free of charge. Please take your time getting your first impression right though, otherwise it slows the whole process down.
It’s quick! You should receive your custom night guard within 1-2 weeks of mailing us back your completed teeth impression.
Yes. However, some customer prefers to choose the upper night guard only. This is dependant on what your specific requirements are. The upper guard is the default choice, however, we offer a choice to select a lower impression kit during the checkout process if you prefer a lower guard as well.
Store bought guards are a soft thermoplastic guards that you fit to your teeth after heating it up in boiling water. They are bulky and flimsy and are not custom made to fit accurately to your mouth and in fact, can interfere with your sleep rather than help with teeth grinding. A guard from BRUXIDENT is different. We custom mould our guards to fit your teeth accurately using your teeth impressions. That means they’re thinner and more comfortable than anything you can buy from a store.
BRUXIDENT night guards are made using the same materials and the same process as what you could get from your dentist, however for a fraction of the price. Rather than having to schedule multiple appointments with your dentist and pay for multiple consultations to have your impressions taken, you can take your own impression at home and mail it back to BRUXIDENT, where we will make your custom-made night guard for a fraction of the price.
All of our materials are non-allergenic, latex free, and BPA-free. The outside of the guard is hard acrylic to withstand the forces of grinding and clenching. The soft inner layer makes the guard so comfortable you may even forget you’re wearing it.
Our Ultra-Thin Replacement Retainer is only 1.5mm thick and can be used during the day. It is so thin and non- invasive and made of hard/soft material that it can comfortably worn during the day to treat teeth grinding. If purchasing our other night guards, we recommend that they be work at night-time.
You should rinse your guard immediately after you wear it and brush it with a soft toothbrush using an anti-microbial soap.
We recommend replacing your guard at least every 12 months. With our renewal plan, we’ll save your teeth impressions and can send you a new guard for a fraction of the price.

We will get you a new adjusted guard or a new impression kit to make you a new guard, free of charge*. But if you’re still unhappy, we do offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Unfortunately, we cannot use existing moulds to make your guard. You must go through our impression process to guarantee an accurate fit and to receive the highest quality BRUXIDENT product. 

We are happy to provide you a full refund within 7 days of delivery of your purchase. The refund will be issued once you return your guard and it is received and assessed by BRUXIDENT.

We recommend you read our Terms and Conditions page to understand the warranty on your purchase.

Customer reviews

These guards are amazing! Top quality and fast shipping - precisely what I was looking for. And the price is really great! Thank you BRUXIDENT.
Michael C.
BRUXIDENT nightguards are the best! The material is strong and durable and the instructions for the impression kit are easy to follow. Highly recommended!
Keila S.
The team is really helpful and offers great support. I messed up my first impression and was shipped a replacement shortly after. Fantastic customer service!
Jordan L.

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Laboratory Technician

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