How it works

Here is the step-by-step process of what you will need to do when you receive your impression kit.

How to use our impression kit

Every order comes with an instruction booklet that outlines these same steps in further detail.

The process is very easy to follow and we recommend that you also watch our instructional video before commencing the process.

Process steps

Once you are ready to use the impression kit, simply follow the steps below


Have a timer ready and set to 3 minutes. Wash your hands and floss and brush your teeth thoroughly.


Test the placement of each empty mouth tray provided in your kit and ensure that the tray fits well and is not loose around your teeth. If it is, contact us at


Mix the white and blue putty together for 40 to 60 seconds, working quickly to form a uniform colour. Use a folding and kneading technique until the white is fully blended. You can do this on a hard surface if needed or in the palm of your hands.


Using the palms of your hands, roll the putty mixture into a hotdog like shape. Place the putty in the mouth tray and adjust it with your fingers until it covers the tray evenly.


Insert tray into your mouth slowly and submerge all of your teeth into the putty. Do NOT move the tray once the tray is fully submerged or this will distort the impression..


Start your 3-minute timer and leave the tray in your mouth with the teeth submerged in the putty for the full 3 minutes.


Slowly remove the mouth tray and give it a quick rinse.


All done! 

Simply mail your impressions back to us and our highly experienced dental technicians will create your custom-made guard for you.

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